An experimental digital garden of disorganised notes. Definitely in need of cultivation.

An attempt by @thedimpause to create a repository for scattered notes, quotes, web and reading highlights and (a few) images.

This is my second Micro.blog site. I have previously attempted to create a similar resource on Blot.im, write.as, HEY World, Notion, Wordpress and on self-hosted sites. I’d like to try out Obsidian Publish but it’s simply too expensive. My previous sites have not persisted so I am trying again, hoping that local notes in Obsidian combined with the familiarity and ease of use of publishing to Micro.blog will last longer 🕰

The Micro.blog account @disquiet is intended to be entirely passive. There is a feed to the Micro.blog timeline but I do not plan to monitor comments and mentions that may occur - anything important needs to be addressed to @thedimpause 🙂

My proper blog is at thedimpau.se and more links to some of my web presences can be found at ian.omg.lol