A Great Feast at the House of Sosibius by C.P. Cavafy

A Great Feast at the House of Sosibius

Lovely was my afternoon, extremely
lovely. The oar grazes, very lightly,

the Alexandrian sea, sweetly calm; caresses it.
We need a respite like this: our toils oppress us.

Let’s look at things innocently, serenely, every now and then.
But evening’s fallen, regrettably. Look, I drank up all the wine,

not a single drop remains inside my flask.
It’s time we returned to other things, alas!

A celebrated house (the famed Sosibius and his nice
spouse; lets put it that way) invites us to a feast.

We must go back again to all our dirty tricks—
and once more enter the dreary fray of politics.

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