Introducing the Ancient Greeks

Introducing the Ancient Greeks


  • Author: [[Edith Hall]]
  • Full Title: Introducing the Ancient Greeks
  • Category: #books


  • Lucian of Samosata, an artist of surpassing verve (AD 125–180).

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- Note: Early novels, investigate further.
  • It was not Roman imperialism that put an end to the ancient Greeks, with their caustic wit, sculpted gods, inquiring, independent minds, philosophy, and love of sensual pleasures (the last of the characteristics I argue defined them, and which they were reluctant to relinquish). It was something different—a new religion, which offered, to those who followed its simple rules and austere lifestyle, many advantages: a detachment from the external world, the body and the senses, a profound emotional engagement with fellow believers and their single god, the forgiveness of sins and immortal life.

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