Dark Eden

Dark Eden


  • Author: [[Chris Beckett]]
  • Full Title: Dark Eden
  • Category: #books


  • You do your chores, you have something to eat, you have a bit of a gossip and a moan, you have something else to eat, you have a slip, you go to sleep . . . and they never think once about where they are, or where they might be.’ ‘I’d say they dream a lot about where they might be.’ ‘They wish they were back on Earth, you mean? They wish they were with the Shadow People. They wish a boat would come down from sky and take them away from all their sorrows. Is that what you mean?’ ‘Yes. All that.’ ‘That’s the same thing as not thinking about where they are or where they might be,’ I said. ‘That way they don’t even have to try.’

(Location 1068)

- Note: - from Dark Eden by Chris Beckett